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There’s a lot of information out there, too much perhaps. How do you know what you’re learning is actually legit? Mountain Marrow’s lead instructors have years of experience and have trained with the best in the world, and we spend our free time, when not outside, reading and continuing to learn.

Whether you’re new to the outdoors, looking to get into primitive living, or are an expert survivalist, there’s something here for everyone. From the origins of bushcraft, to the latest in modern conveniences, check out some of our favorite books below. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new, go-to shelter design, or a fun way to start a fire to show off to your friends…

Survival & Navigation

Canadian Wilderness Survival: Bruce Zawalsky

98.6 Degrees: Cody Lundin

SAS Survival Guide: John “Lofty” Wiseman

Wilderness Survival (2nd ed.): Gregory Davenport

Bushcraft: Mors Kochanski

Secrets of The Wilderness: Andre-Francois Bourbeau

Combat and Survival: H.S. Stuttman

Survival Knots: Creek Stewart

Survival Tarp Shelters: Creek Stewart

Survival trees: Creek Stewart

The Green Beret’s Compass Course: Sgt. Don Paul

Bushcraft & Pioneer

Bushcraft: Mors Kochanski

Foxfire Series: Foxfire Fund (Wiggington)

Camping and Woodcraft: Horace Kephart

Woodcraft and Indian Lore: E.T. Seton

Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs: Tristan Gooley

Wildwood Wisdom: Ellsworth Jaeger

Woodcraft: Bernard S. Mason

Camp-lore and Woodcraft: D.C. Beard

Woodcraft and Camping: George W. Sears “Nessmuk”

Primitive Living

Primitive Technology I & II: Society of Primitive Technology (David Wescott)

Practicing Primitive: Steven M. Watt


Vertical Aid: Seth C. Hawkins MD

The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Joseph Alton MD & Amy Alton ARNP

Plants & Foraging

Botany In A Day: Thomas J. Elpel

Rogers’ Herbal Manual: Robert Rogers

Foraging The Mountain West: Thomas J. Elpel


Hatchet: Gary Paulson

To Build a Fire: Jack London

My Side of The Mountain: Jean Craighead George

The Grasshopper Trap: Patrick F. McManus

Search & Rescue: Boy Scouts Meritage Badge Series

First Aid: Boy Scouts Meritage Badge Series

Emergency Preparedness: Boy Scouts Meritage Badge Series

Wilderness Survival: Boy Scouts Meritage Badge Series

Indian Lore: Boy Scouts Meritage Badge Series

Camping: Boy Scouts Meritage Badge Series

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