Less Tactical. More Practical.

Primitive to Practical

In this five day course you will go backwards to progress forward. You will never look at your gear or trash the same way again.

Put your basic skills to the test and expand your dynamic thinking skills.  Learn the context of primitive living skills and how some of the concepts still apply to practical survival today.  Starting with some of the prime (or first) skills that were used to procure water, tame fire, provide shelter, and navigate the wilderness, you will progress through time and technology to arrive at a better understanding of survival concepts. By understanding how a task was accomplished in the past compared to current practices, we gain a perspective that allows us to consider different means to the same ends in the future. Primitive skills were practical in their day…until someone discovered a better way.

Recommended for:

  • Guides
  • Backpackers
  • Paddlers
  • Instructors
  • Anyone looking to be challenged and willing to change the way solve problems


5 days / 4 nights


Cripple Creek, CO & Northern VA





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