E.D.G.E of the Wild

Edge of the Wild is a 3-day course in which you’ll learn, discuss, and experience practical skills that can be game changers when an adventure doesn’t go as planned.

Through the application of critical thinking and practical skills, we can find options and possibly generate a solution to any problem.  By providing skills and tools to combat issues you could encounter on an adventure, we remove the fear of the unknown and empower you in your exploration of the outdoor world.  This course addresses psychology, clothing selection, first-aid, fire, water, emergency shelters, navigation, and signaling.  We work through each section in an Explain-Demonstrate-Guide-Enable method to ensure each adventurer has a positive experience and fully understands each skill and its context.

Are you curious about what should be in your pack for a day-hike or hunting trip?  Do you want to be more confident when taking the family camping?  Maybe you are just interested in brushing up on some basic skills.  This is a great course for anyone wanting to be more self-sufficient in the wilderness.

Recommended for:

-day hikers







-just about anyone that would like the confidence of self-sufficiency in the wild



3 days / 2 nights


Cripple Creek, CO




This class is for everyone. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult. 

  • 1L/32oz water container
  • 1gal container such as milk jug (for water storage)
  • Food for 6 days (trips to town after hours are possible)
  • Proper/adequate clothing & footwear, incl. rain gear
  • Poncho or 2mil drop cloth 9’x12’
  • Foraging bag, haversack, or small backpack
  • 8” cable ties (8)
  • Individual first-aid kit
  • Camera or phone
  • Small notebook / pencil
  • Bandana or buff
  • 24” aluminum foil
  • Whistle (pea-less type)
  • Metal container for heating food and boiling water (Nothing double walled or insulated)
  • Toilet paper (1-2 rolls… you know better than we do)

If camping onsite:

  • Sleeping pad/mat
  • Sleeping bag or wool blanket(s)
  • Tent
  • Pillow
  • Towel & wash cloth or shower wipes

– Do not purchase this equipment if you do not already have it.  We recommend borrowing our equipment to decide what you like before making a purchase.

  • Knife with full tang, 4-6” blade, made of high-carbon steel, 90-degree spine
  • Ferrocerium rod
  • Magnifying glass/Fresnel lens

Adventurers may camp on site or stay in Cripple Creek at one of the many hotels. If you stay in Cripple Creek, you agree to gift us 25% of your winnings. 

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