Bear Essentials

The Bear Essentials is for individuals who possess the desire to experience the outdoors more independently but may not possess the fundamental skills and knowledge to explore the great outdoors comfortably and independently.  We provide a learning environment that is ego-free, fun, and educational. This weekend course will cover the basics of gear selection, land navigation, emergency shelters, water procurement and filtration, fire construction and safety, knife skills, and how to get rescued in an emergency.  This is also the style of class that almost any survivor of a bad situation says they wish they had taken.

**This is an intro course and we strongly recommend trainings beyond this course if you decide to pursue more adventures.



2 days / 1 night


Cripple Creek, CO and Bailey, CO




This class is for everyone. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult. 

  • 1L/32oz water container
  • Adequate outdoor clothing
  • Leather work or mechanic gloves
  • Small first aid kit
  • Camera or phone
  • Small notebook / pencil
  • Bandana
  • 24” aluminum foil
  • Whistle (pea-less type)
  • Metal container for heating food and boiling water (Nothing double walled or insulated)
  • Toilet paper (1-2 rolls… you know better than we do)
  • All other necessary equipment is provided

Camping is available on site. For courses in Bailey, cabins are available for rent through Glen Isle Resort. Adventurers may also stay off-site at a site convenient to the course location at Glen Isle. For Cripple Creek courses, adventures may stay in Cripple Creek at one of the many hotels, or camp with us on-site

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