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Advanced Adventurer

Advanced Adventurer is a six-day course based on the concept of “self-rescue” or “assisted self-rescue”.  This course demands more of the adventurer than the Basic Adventurer course physically and mentally.  Your skills and abilities will be tested in this dynamic course that explores the stress factors of a true survival situation.  Instructors will coach you through scenarios and decisions that will eventually lead to your rescue.  The largest obstacles lie within, and conquering those are the real challenge.  Psychology of survival, emergency action shelters, water procurement & filtration, fire craft, land navigation (with and without map/compass), first-aid kits, dynamic thinking, and signaling will be covered through a series of scenarios and experiences to provide more depth of understanding.  Adventurers will camp in emergency shelters in varied terrain and carry all food, water, and equipment in their backpack.  Bring food, a positive attitude, the drive to survive, and prepare to effect your own rescue!



6 days / 5 nights


Cripple Creek, CO




While anyone can take this class, we recommend previous wilderness training of some sort, either our Basic Adventurer or Wilderness Weekends course, or a similar course from another school. This is an adult course, but adventurers age 14-18 welcome if accompanied by an adult. 

  • Backpack/Daypack capable of carrying water, equipment, rain gear, additional clothing, food, and shelter for one week.
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen & Insect Repellent
  • Lip balm
  • 1L water containers (2)
  • 50ft parachute cord (550lb)
  • Food for 6 days (small snacks and dehydrated or freeze dried meals recommended due to weight)
  • Proper/adequate clothing & footwear
  • Quality poncho or 2mil drop cloth 9’x12’
  • Lightweight bivy bag or large trash bag
  • 8” cable ties (8)
  • Individual first-aid kit
  • Knife (fixed blade/full tang/blade 4-5”)
  • Lighter/matches/ferrocerium rod (2 of the 3)
  • 8” cable ties (8)
  • Camera or phone
  • Small notebook / pencil
  • Bandana, buff, or thin scarf
  • 24” aluminum foil
  • Whistle (pea-less type)
  • Metal container for heating food and boiling water (Nothing double walled or insulated)
  • Toilet paper (1-2 rolls… you know better than we do)
  • Leather work gloves or mechanic gloves
  • Signal mirror
  • Small folding saw

This course takes place entirely at our property outside of Cripple Creek. Adventurers will sleep in primitive shelters on site, as well as build their own emergency shelters.  

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