Mountain Marrow combines the knowledge, tools, and skills needed while teaching adventurers how to dynamically think in high-stress situations. Adventurers will learn how to choose the proper gear for the task at hand, how to use that gear safely and effectively, and what to do when they lose their gear.

While courses are tailored to a variety of skill sets and fields, every course is designed to give our adventurers maximum hands-on experience, with core concepts spanning a wide range of situations. Courses not only focus on the what, when, where, and how, but also the why, giving adventurers a deeper understanding of the concepts and greater chances of success when faced with adversity.

wilderness triad, choose, use, lose with knowledge, skills and tools. also has water drop, fire, and shelter

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Meet Your Instructors

Matt Sargent was raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, spending much of his childhood on his grandparent’s farm as well as birding, fishing, hunting, hiking and photographing the natural world with his father. In 2001, Matt had the opportunity to travel to Kenya on a photography and biology expedition which sparked a love of traveling and experiencing other cultures. Since then, Matt has trained across North America in a variety of courses with leading experts.

A registered Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Virginia Search and Rescue Team Leader and Operational Tracker, Matt is still living and learning in the outdoors. He enjoys connecting people to the outdoors by linking knowledge and skills of indigenous peoples with current technologies through science, historical significance, and practicality.

Matt has trained with:
Mors Kochanski – Karamat Wilderness Ways – Survival & Wilderness Living Skills
Kelly Harlton – Wildside Wilderness Connection
Dale Kiselyk / Colleen Kiselyk – Nature Alive
David Delafield – Mammut Bushcraft
Reggie Bennett – Mountain Shepherd Survival School / Former USAF S.E.R.E.
Rob Speiden – Natural Awareness Tracking School
Rob Allen – Sigma 3 Survival
Josh Hamlin – Sigma 3 Survival
Patrick Rollins – Randall’s Adventure Training
Matt has also attended multiple gatherings and conferences where he’s learned various skills, techniques, and lessons from great instructors and outdoor enthusiasts such as, Joe Flowers, Lars Falt, Paul Kirtley, Lisa Fenton, Marko Yurachek, Tom Luytens, and Rick Stanton.

Aaron Hutchings is a Colorado native, veteran, and father of four. He was raised in the Rocky Mountains by a real mountain man and hunting guide he called Grandpa. Hutch joined the Boy Scouts of America and later the United States Marine Corps where he became a K9 handler and was attached to Special Operations. While in the military, Hutch had the opportunity to train and teach unique skill sets in multiple environments, and he realized his love for teaching.

After completing courses with some of the most recognized outdoor programs in the country, such as Willow Haven Outdoor (Creek Stewart), Sigma 3 Survival School (Rob Allen/Josh Hamlin), and Pathfinder School (Dave Canterbury), Hutch understood that most outdoor enthusiasts can’t afford the time or expense of travelling the country to acquire the diverse skills offered by multiple schools. This sparked the idea of becoming a lifetime student and full-time instructor. Hutch’s incredible generosity, broad skill set, and hilarious storytelling allows adventurers, regardless of background or experience level, to have a truly unique experience in the wild.

Less Tactical, More Practical

Indigenous people have used bone marrow as a source of nutrition for thousands of years. As a calorie-dense source of macro and micro nutrients, marrow is concentrated, comprehensive power and energy. Mountain Marrow embodies this concept to offer state-of-the-art wilderness knowledge, skills, and lessons from North America in a wide variety of courses for all ages and experience levels. From the novice outdoorsman to the advanced bushcraft adventurer, Mountain Marrow has the course for you!​

overlook of Colorado property with mountains and pine trees

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