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As a society, we spend so much time indoors that we’ve coined terms like “outdoor enthusiast” and “outdoorsman”.  At Mountain Marrow we’d like to change that. We want to see people spending more time in the woods, the wilderness, the backcountry, the real world.  Maybe one day we can sit around a fire and talk about “indoor enthusiasts”.

Whether you’re a weekend camper, an overlander, a hunter, or anything of the likeness, we’re here to help you learn necessary skills for safe travels and fun adventures.  We don’t just concentrate on safety though. Our instructors have diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets that allow us to offer a wide variety of course content. From primitive skills to K9 handling and vehicle survival, we may be the most rounded adventure school on the planet, but we don’t have enough data to prove it. 

Have No Fear…

Ok, that may be a little exaggerated.  Some fear is good. It keeps us from doing things like playing in traffic or taking uncalculated risks.  That being said, there is no need to be fearful while trying to enjoy a weekend adventure or a family camping trip.

There is a stigma that surrounds the word “Survival” due to television programs in recent years and we don’t often use the term in our instruction.  We like to say if you respect nature, have the proper skills, and make good decisions, you’ll never need “survival skills”. By learning practical skills in context and the extent of which those skills apply, we can change many fears into understanding and a respect for nature.  After all, we’re not out to fight nature, we’re part of it.  

If you find yourself interested in exploring the natural world but you’re apprehensive about some aspects, give us a call or email us.  We’re happy to help find the course that’s right for you.

It’s Not Survival If You’re Prepared...

The word “survival” often conjers thoughts of dirty faces, large knives, and fire by friction.  In reality, “survival” is merely the ability to exist, and a survival situation is merely a system of events and challenges that may demand more from us in problem solving and resiliency than we’re able to offer due to being ill prepared for the situation . Through applicable knowledge, honed skills, and proper tools we can expand our problem solving skills and become dynamic thinkers, allowing us to adapt to a myriad of situations and challenges.  By exposing ourselves to adversity in a controlled manner, we can build resiliency and maintain greater functionality in austere conditions.  In short, by learning practical skills and expanding your comfort zone, you can greatly decrease the chances of ever being in a true “survival situation”.

Matthew Sargent


Aaron Hutchings


Matt Sargent was raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, spending much of his childhood on his grandparent’s farm as well as birding, fishing, hunting, hiking and photographing the natural world with his father. In 2001, Matt had the opportunity to travel to Kenya on a photography and biology expedition which sparked a love of traveling and experiencing other cultures. Since then, Matt has trained across North America in a variety of courses with leading experts.

A registered Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Virginia Search and Rescue Team Leader and Operational Tracker, Matt is still living and learning in the outdoors. He enjoys connecting people to the outdoors by linking knowledge and skills of indigenous peoples with current technologies through science, historical significance, and practicality.

Aaron Hutchings is a Colorado native, veteran, and father of four. He was raised in the Rocky Mountains by a real mountain man and hunting guide he called Grandpa. Hutch joined the Boy Scouts of America and later the United States Marine Corps where he became a K9 handler and was attached to Special Operations. While in the military, Hutch had the opportunity to train and teach unique skill sets in multiple environments, and he realized his love for teaching.

After completing courses with some of the most recognized outdoor programs in the country, Hutch understood that most outdoor enthusiasts can’t afford the time or expense of travelling the country to acquire the diverse skills offered by multiple schools. This sparked the idea of becoming a lifetime student and full-time instructor. Hutch’s incredible generosity, broad skill set, and hilarious storytelling allows adventurers, regardless of background or experience level, to have a truly unique experience in the wild.

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